Helium / Balloon Gas

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Helium / Balloon Gas

We supply helium in cylinder sizes to suit your needs and are supplied with a valve.  L Size cylinders on short term rental also get a free lend of a Safety Stand.

The chart below will give you a good guide of cylinder size and quantities including disposable cylinders for those small jobs. No sense in buying helium you don’t need.

Short and long term rental contracts are available. Take a cylinder out for 7 days rent FREE. Long term hire costs £10.00 per month.

A £50.00 cash deposit is due on each cylinder hired.

We can deliver and collect for a small charge or you can collect for FREE.
If you would like some help in choosing the right size for you please call 028 9250 8296.

Helium is a safe gas to use but you must take care because like all things contained under pressure it can kill if misused.

Do not deliberately inhale helium it can Kill you and won’t be so funny then.

Helium gas price guide… New up-dated cylinder guide and price list is coming soon.  Check back shortly or give us a call 028 9250 8296

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