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Whether to raise funds or bring enjoyment at an event Balloon Releases are colourful, exciting and positively good for the environment as, apart from being 100% biodegradable, using pure natural latex balloons encourages rubber plantations to plant more trees.

We at Luce Balloons only ever use recycled helium (Balloon Gas) to conserve stocks of the 100% pure helium for hospitals and industry.

There are 3 options to holding a balloon release.

Option 1

We supply all the materials, balloons, helium, labels and nets. You do all the work required.

Option 2

We supply all the materials and one member of staff to supervise the release and activate the insurance. You provide a number of helpers to inflate the balloons and carry out the release under instruction.

Option 3

We do everything from supply to release. It is always better that you get some of the organisers or fund raisers to release the balloons under supervision.
This makes for better PR photos etc.

We only use environmentally friendly products that are totally bio-degradable.

Our race labels have a number to keep personal details safe.

We can print any return address onto the label you require.

Click here for press release concerning balloon releases.

This Releases raised over €14,000

Killurney 1

Making someones day

Using only bio-degradable, environmentally and wildlife friendly products and practise’s in accordance with NABAS guidelines

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